Great Stories

Just want to thank you for meeting with me on Monday. Am very happy with the earrings especially after I put those little plastic backs on the wires,

Nice to chat and hope you had a good time with your daughter. Would definitely recommend you to others who may stumble across your website.


Hi Missy, I can't tell you how much I appreciate how everything went today. You are a very nice person and I believe (and hope) that good things will happen for us because we are good people.


I went to see Missy, since she has been a friend for years, and I trusted her. Things changed for me, I lived on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, I had a grand townhouse in the 70's. I had my personal trainer, kids went to the best private schools and colleges. I don't know. They couldn't get jobs after college. We moved to a small apartment. My jewels mean nothing to me. Missy gave me a good price, I will put the money elsewhere. Thank you, DivorceYourJewels.

When in the depths of bad news ( boyfriend, health issues, tennis losses) there is always a silver lining. Hearing from Missy that I will receive $1,800 for sold jewels is my silver lining...

I had a great experience working with Missy @ DivorceYourJewels! She sold my earrings very quickly and at a price higher than I expected! Missy is fair, supportive and very professional. I am a huge fan!


I just wanted to write in and take the time to let everyone know how wonderful Missy is.

I reached out to Missy because I wanted to buy my engagement ring from her in addition to a Cartier love bracelet. I ended up buying the most beautiful engagement ring that I've ever seen from Missy...a stunning five and a half carat stone in a magnificent diamond and platinum setting. In addition my future husband and I bought not only the engagement ring but the wedding bands as well.

Throughout the whole process Missy was professional yet exceptionally warm. She was honest with me and got me right within my budget. She knows all of the right people and will get you EXACTLY what you want. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Missy and divorceyourjewels. I will be buying from her again and my experience was private and first class. The best thing about dealing with Missy is that I got to meet such a dynamic and truly kind person that I will be keeping in touch with nd someone who will be a friend of mine for years to come.


Someone told me about DivorceYourJewels... I have a ring I can no longer wear. I still adore the man who gave it to me, but broke one of my knuckles and any ring is painful. Plus, honestly, I've just lost my taste for bling. I never wear anything anymore and am tired of insuring it. You guys seem to have some super high end stuff... this would fit right in.

- Sally

Hi its Marnina. I just got the jewelry from NY, they're both STUNNING! Tnx so much for all your help! We'll hopefully be in touch again!

- Marnina

Hi I received the bracelet and it looks great. I am looking forward to giving her the gift on Saturday. Thanks again.

- Bernard

It's like found (easy) money - stuff that I hadn't worn in years & probably never would that's gathering dust.... I took the money from the "Hazarai" (junk gold) and bought a FAB pair of Louboutin's.

- Linda

Love you too and love the money that I got!! So fantastic! Gave me a huge boost!!!
Yes Yes Yes!!!!

- Pam

Hi I am Susan. I am a dog lover who purchased a maltese puppy at the "E dog store" in New York. I really wanted to have two, and didn't want to spend my important money on another puppy. So I heard about "Missy", from all my friends, and called her. I went through all my jewelry and found a watch with diamonds( I never wore), gold links from watches and gold pieces that were sitting in my safe for the longest time. She gave me enough money to buy the other Maltese. The two pups are so happy together and so am I.

- Susan

Oh thank you so much! You made this girl very happy :) We will definitely keep in touch...

- Debra

Torrid love affair - woman, big executive, great worker. Falls in love with a married CEO. They make business deals during sex. Great deals! He buys all sorts of jewelry, even a gold chain. He says, “never take this off.” (like a dog collar). People find out about their current affair. He has to make a choice. Staying the CEO and with his wife or his love. He stays with the job and wife. My client took all the jewelry during the relationship and sold it to She is now cleansed of him

- Christin

Met a gorgeous red head, 38 years old. The best figure! Married for ten years to a famous plastic surgeon. The most magnificent collection of jewels - from diamond rings to the giant pearls worn by Marilyn Monroe to Burmese rubies. He has an affair with his 24 year old nurse. She calls DYJ to get rid of the guilt jewels. "I HATED this engagement ring" she said, as she sold her 5 carat diamond to Divorce Your Jewels for $50,000. "All of this is guilt jewelry", she says, "I want to start a new life and buy an apartment in New york City. I cannot look at this stuff." buys the entire collection and she was thrilled (and forgot about her husband).

- Melissa

I thought I'd share this with my network of girlfriends. A friend of mine (some of you may know - Missy) recently started an interesting business called "Divorce Your Jewels". She buys gold (in any form - chains, earrings, rings etc) and gives you money in return. I went through some of my jewelry to give it a try. I found 3 gold chains that I hadn't worn in probably 10 years and don't see wearing them in the near future. I gave them to her and within a few days, she handed me their value in cash. It was sizable and was very pleased. Let me state upfront that I have nothing to do with Missy's business, just a friend who promised to help spread the word. I also thought some of you might find this useful.

- Fay

I met Missy thru a mutual friend who hosted a "Divorce your Jewelry" party in Florida. I had previously attended a similar event a few months before, ridding myself of some unwanted, miss- matched gold and coming away with $400! I was so excited that I told my Sister who lives in NC. She recently "went gray" and has gone to wearing silver jewelry only. Since she hadn't heard of anything like this going on in her area, she sent me her cache of gold that had been collecting dust, in her jewelry box. I brought the pieces to Missy and after enjoying some great food, drink and conversation, left the party with $1100! I immediately called my Sister who almost had a heart attack! She was so excited at her new found money that she decided to "share the wealth". The recipients of her good fortune was my daughters. Jessica (28) and Meaghan (25) were planning a trip to see my Sister, but were struggling to come up with the money for airfare. They had decided to make the 12 hour drive instead, in order not to dip into their savings. My sister surprised them, purchased their plane tickets with the money she received by selling her unwanted gold jewelry through Missy. She says it was money she wasn't expecting so she felt she had to do something special with it. My girls are SO excited, as now they can spend their money having fun on their vacation, instead of spending it on gasoline or airfare. Thanks Missy...You' re Awesome!

- Nancy